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Get Professional Car Wash Services on Wheels for Businesses
  • Ryszard Rapla
  • Oct 18, 2022

When first getting started in the mobile car wash industry, many new business owners have questions regarding how to secure exclusive washing contracts with major firms and office complexes. The issue, "Do I have to pay for the rights to conduct your car wash service there?" comes up frequently. You should try to avoid this option as much as possible; it should be a last resort. Actually, you should probably avoid talking about that.

They may pay a percentage of your gross take or a few bucks per car, but the perks you give for their staff will more than make up for it.

However, there are situations where it makes perfect and professional car valet near me, such as when the business or structure provides you with a perk. For instance, if they give us with assigned stalls, water, a reclaim clarifier area, email notifications that we are present, and the ability to collect funds on our behalf after deducting a certain proportion, we might consider them to be an employer.

Once that's taken into account, maybe it'll all fall into place. You may need to do this if you do business in which have a reputation for mobile valeting Edinburgh widespread bribery and corruption. However, if this is the case, you will likely find out right away, as the owner or controller of such properties will likely be completely forthright with you about the situation, asking, "What is in it for us, or what is in it for me?"

It may make sense to employ the signup mobile car valeting Edinburgh of a third party in exchange for a commission if a parking garage firm or valet service is involved. Examine this in your mind.


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