Protection Detailing

Here you will find our protection detail also known as a top car valeting service. Everything on the exterior is cleaned and protected to keep your car looking like it’s just come from the showroom. This service is carried out using a selection of various product ranges to clean and prepare the car ready for protection. 


  • 14-Stage luxury detail wash
  • All badges & panel gaps cleaned with appropriate detailing brushes and all-purpose cleaner
  • Post-wash cleansing stage
  • Iron remover used to remove all fallout embedded in paintwork
  • Tar removal stage to remove bonded tar spots on vehicle paintwork
  • Door shuts washed and cleansed
  • Vehicle thoroughly pressure rinsed
  • All vehicle paintwork clayed to remove any remaining contaminants
  • Vehicle gently dried with plush double thickness microfibre towels
  • Paintwork wiped over with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) to remove residues and oils leaving a slick, clean base
  • Choice of high quality wax or sealant application
  • All plastics dressed
  • All exterior glass cleaned with high quality glass cleaner, inc. mirrors
  • Wiper blades cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Tyres dressed with a high quality tyre gel (can be finished to matt or gloss depending on preference)
  • Final inspection to ensure the vehicle meets our high standards.

Price from £100

Time Taken 3-8 Hours

  • * We require deposit payment of £100 for this service.
  • *Prices shown are “prices from £…” The quote will depend on vehicle size/condition – heavily pitted, soiled, badly scratched etc


  • 9H Professional ceramic coating up to 3 years protection Available only for approved Coating Farm Ceramics detailers- £149
  • 10H Professional ceramic coating up to 5 years protection Available only for approved Coating Farm Ceramics detailers - £299
  • Professional ceramic Wheel Guard Pro coating : Wheel faces - £80
  • Glass Guard Rain Repellent window coating - £40


  • Basic interior valet - £25+
  • Interior Detail with protection to all surfaces - £100
  • Leather protection - £40+
  • Engine bay detail - £50+


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