Interior Valets

Two main interior valets are available. Don’t forget, you may request optional extras as you wish.

  • Interior clean

  • £25

  • interior car valet services
  • Ideal as quick refresh

    • All rubbish removed + Interior vacuumed including boot
    • All plastics & dashboard degreased and cleaned
    • Polished streak free
    • Degreased & cleaned
  • Interior deep clean

  • £50

  • Interior deep clean valeting
  • For dirtier and more challenging interiors

    • All interior clean features
    • Extensive vacuum
    • Machine cleaned
    • Fabrics shampooed
    • Seats shampooed
    • Small brush used to clean hard to reach areas

Optional extras

Deep clean - Fabric seats shampooed / Leather seats scrubbed and restored to original condition.
Roof lining shampooed to remove all dirt & stains.
This process is often used before arrival of the new baby. Unique form of sanitising and deodorising that totally eliminates all foul odours including tobacco, smoke, milk/food spills, urine, vomit, mould, mildew, pet smells etc. Plus, at the same time our Fog-It's special agents attack and destroy all germs, bacteria, viruses and spores. No available with interior clean & mini valet

Extra charges may apply for extremely bad vehicles.


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