Inside only

Two main interior valets are available. Don’t forget, you may request optional extras as you wish.

  • Inside clean

  • £30

  • interior car valet services
  • Ideal as quick refresh

    • All rubbish removed + Interior vacuumed including boot
    • Polished streak free
    • Dashboard cleaned and all plastics wiped down
  • Inside deep clean

  • £55

  • Interior deep clean valeting
  • For dirtier and more challenging interiors

    • All interior clean features
    • Extensive vacuum
    • Machine cleaned
    • Fabrics shampooed
    • Seats shampooed
    • Small brush used to clean hard to reach areas

Optional extras

For heavy soiled seats to put more attention and restore them to like new condition
Roof lining shampooed to remove dirt & stains.
Ozone treatment of rooms is a proven method of disinfection and refreshing, which lets you get rid of harmful microorganisms and unpleasant odours. PLEASE NOTE THAT VEHICLE CANNOT BE USED FOR 12-24 HOURS AFTER APPLICATION AND NEEDS TO BE WELL VENTILATED

Extra charges may apply for extremely bad vehicles.


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